Dr Dan Halliday presents ABC TV series

Dan HallidayIn the new ABC series ‘Ethics Matters’, Dr Dan Halliday takes us through some of the great ethical questions of our time.

Dr Halliday is a political philosophy expert who teaches in the Melbourne School of Government’s MPA.

The series presents a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience while grappling with a variety of ethical problems. “I would really hope that the program can help people see the ways in which discipline of philosophy can make our disagreements more constructive, so that some progress can be made,” Dr Halliday said.

In this 12 episode series, Dr Halliday invites leading ethics experts to discuss animal rights, religious freedom, rights of the individualand many more complex issues that we face every day.

Dr Halliday is excited to shine a new light on philosophy in what he regards as a completely new format: “unlike other academic disciplines, philosophy rarely finds its way into television, so that is exciting in itself.”

The series is currently airing on Thursdays on ABC3, with some episodes available via ABC iView. The series will also be accompanied by a podcast, Dialogues, available from October. Find out more at www.ethicsmatterstvseries.com.