Professor Andrew Walter in the new thinking and the new G20 series

1e73c970d9b911e5a68e2d59ae2b3a16_inset_imageThe New Thinking and the New G20 Series, sponsored by CIGI and the Institute for New Economic Thinking, aims to promote policy and institutional innovation in global economic governance in two key areas: governance of international monetary and financial relations and international collaboration in financial regulation. With authors from eight countries, the 11 papers in this series will add to existing knowledge and offer original recommendations for international policy cooperation and institutional innovation.

In his paper, titled ‘Emerging Countries and Basel III: Why Is Engagement Still Low?’, Andrew Walter examines why official and private sector actors from emerging countries continue to exhibit low levels of engagement with international financial standard setting, and considers what might be done to improve this.

Andrew Walter is a Professor of International Relations in the School of Social and Political Sciences at the University of Melbourne, and a Senior Fellow in the Melbourne School of Government.

You can read the paper on the CIGI Emerging Countries and Basel III: Why Is Engagement Still Low? web page.