Gerry Simpson Speaks about Crimes Against Humanity at Melbourne-LSE Lecture

gerry-simpsonIn this lecture Gerry Simpson engages in a critical stocktaking of this century of retributive humanitarianism.

Gerry Simpson holds the Kenneth Bailey Chair of Law at Melbourne Law School. From 2010 to 2013 he was Director of the Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law at Melbourne Law School and is currently an Open Society Academic Fellow (based in Tbilisi, Georgia). Gerry is the author of Great Powers and Outlaw States (Cambridge, 2004) and Law, War and Crime: War Crimes Trials and the Reinvention of International Law (Polity 2007). He is currently writing a book called The Sentimental Life of International Law and editing Who’s Afraid of International Law (with Rai Gaita) (forthcoming in 2015) as well as co-directing, with Matt Craven and Sundhya Pahuja, a project to rethink the Cold War as a legal event.

Listen to the lecture here: