The John Button Lecture 2014: David Marr

209a52f0d9b911e5b3aa1f9889fd5cda_inset_imageThe John Button Lecture is an annual lecture given by the winner of the John Button Prize for writing on policy and politics in Australia. The current winner is David Marr for his ‘Quarterly Essay’ Political Animal: The Making of Tony Abbott.

Views about freedom of expression, free markets, free will, civil liberty, rights and self-determination underpin the economic and social policies our governments decide and enforce. Discussions about freedom, therefore, are fundamental to a full examination of public policy options and decision-making.

In light recent controversies about auditing the ABC, sponsorship of the Sydney Biennale and plans to change the Racial Discrimination Act, David Marr’s address explored the question ‘what type of “freedom” is the Abbott government pursuing?’

David Marr is a journalist and broadcaster who writes for ‘Guardian Australia’ and ‘The Saturday Paper’ and appears on ‘Insiders’ and ‘Q&A’. He once wrote for ‘The Age’ and ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ and is author of numerous biographies and books on Australian politics.

View the lecture online. An extended version of David’s lecture was published in the September edition of ‘The Monthly’ magazine.