Refugees: a new era of forced displacement

78425b60d9b911e5be3097772db5a502_inset_imageOn Monday 8 September 2014, the Melbourne School of Government and Melbourne Law School hosted a discussion of the current global displacement situation, the changing humanitarian landscape confronting the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the international community, as well as the operational challenges and dilemmas facing humanitarian actors today. The forum explored the shared responsibility to respond to the crises around the world – including large-scale displacement crises in Syria, Iraq and Central Africa. Also discussed was the UNHCR’s key operations in the Asia Pacific region, such as in Myanmar (Burma) and Sri Lanka.

We were privileged to host an esteemed panel of presenters: Janet Lim, Assistant High Commissioner Operations, UNHCR Geneva; Daisy Dell, Director, Bureau for Asia and the Pacific, UNHCR Geneva; and Thomas Albrecht, Regional Representative, UNHCR Canberra.

The event was chaired by former UNHCR Assistant High Commissioner for Protection and current Vice-Chancellor’s Professorial Fellow at the University of Melbourne, Erika Feller.

View the lecture online.