Q&A: Who makes public policy in Australia?

63d55290d9b911e5977177527b345482_inset_imageOn 14 August 2013, 400 guests attended an interactive discussion exploring the question Who makes public policy in Australia?. Hosted in partnership with the Institute of Public Administration Australia (IPPA Victoria), the debate covered a range of questions from the moderator and the audience including:

  • Is Australian public policy at greater risk of capture by vested interests now that at other times in its history?
  • Which interests dominate in public policy making, is their influence inappropriate and what impact have they had on policy making?
  • Is Australia’s political system robust enough to resist undue influence? Are politicians robust enough? How might the system be strengthened?

Our panellists were:

  • Gay Alcorn, multi-award winning Journalist
  • Geoff Allen AM, Founder Allen Consulting and Chair, Centre for Corporate Public Affairs
  • Melissa Conley Tyler, National Executive Director, Australian Institute of International Affairs
  • Terry Garwood, Deputy Secretary, Local Infrastructure & Land, Department of Transport, Planning & Local Infrastructure
  • Professor Brian Howe, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Australia
  • Professor Helen Sullivan (Moderator) Director, Melbourne School of Government

Read what they had to say on our Twitter feed for 14 August or watch a video of the event.