Election Watch

050905d0d9ba11e5b84ee1f202308fc6_inset_imageElection Watch is an initiative of the University of Melbourne. Its aim is simple: to go beyond the rhetoric and encourage Australians to engage with issues that shape their lives by making it easy for them to access a diversity of quality information about the politicians, the politicking and the policies. Election Watch brings together the University of Melbourne’s most respected and experienced academics, to provide rigorous analysis and independent commentary on the Australian federal election campaign. The Melbourne School of Government contributes funding and direction to Election Watch, along with its other strategic partners which include the Centre for Advancing JournalismVoteCompassFarrago Magazine and The ConversationElection Watch is edited by Cathy Harper who has been a journalist and producer at SBS and the ABC since 2000. She has reported from East Timor during the 2002 independence vote and from the United States in the lead up to the 2004 presidential election. The opinions expressed by contributors to Election Watch are the authors’ own and not those of the University of Melbourne. Go to Election Watch