Election Watch: Media Puzzle

81486290d9b911e592b8373d1914f24c_inset_imageOn 22 August, Election Watch, the Melbourne School of Government and the Melbourne Press Club hosted a discussion with prominent Australian journalists and media academics on the quirks and challenges of modern election reporting. Incessant media management by the parties, tight deadlines and a lack of resources were the assembled hacks’ top complaints. The 200-strong audience asked questions about media bias, the struggle for balance, the rise of comment in news reports and the influence of America’s most famous Australian-born octogenarian, Rupert Murdoch.

Moderator Michael Rowland, Presenter, ABC News Breakfast, fielded guests’ questions to panellists Michael Gordon, Political Editor, The Age; Associate Professor Sally Young, University of Melbourne; Kerry-Anne Walsh, political author, The Stalking of Julia Gillard and John Ferguson, Victorian Political Editor, The AustralianGo to photos and other highlights from the event